Monday, November 11, 2013

Update on Drawing. Finished (not for sell)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Newest Project.. A Christmas Gift for my niece.

My Niece just had a baby not long ago and had some pictures done. I picked out one where she was looking down at her baby Elee. This is just the start of the drawing. Pencil ,fingers,and 1 hour of work so far.

A few more I have at hand to show.

These are drawings I have done for people or that I did for the heck of it. One of the demon with wings was for a friend for a book she was writing. I no longer keep in touch with this person and don't really know if she used it. But the Picture is for sell but only looks as it does in the picture. It was done on Trace paper as well so not a good paper to show it off on. The Fairy with the Satyr (sp) was done for a friend and I want to send it to her hopefully soon. The hand sketching of the person with her head only and hair across face is Jennifer Anderson. The one with background black and the girl is sad is a drawing of a young lady i know and was for her. The fairy one with a large flower behind her is also done for that person. Those that are still for sell are the Jennifer Anderson and Demon lady.

Invader Zim painted on from a picture that daughter gave me. No longer have the shirt.

Not for sell. No longer have shirt. I did this because my daughter and her friend loved this Character. Was easy done as well.

My niece Drawn by me. Not for sell

Tribal drummer woman. Line art colored with computer.

This drawing is colored in by computer from me. I started it off as line art and then colored it in using Gimp.

Model from a magazine.

This one was done from a picture in a Magazine but I can't remember the name of the Magazine I got it from. :/ For sell