Monday, November 11, 2013

Update on Drawing. Finished (not for sell)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Newest Project.. A Christmas Gift for my niece.

My Niece just had a baby not long ago and had some pictures done. I picked out one where she was looking down at her baby Elee. This is just the start of the drawing. Pencil ,fingers,and 1 hour of work so far.

A few more I have at hand to show.

These are drawings I have done for people or that I did for the heck of it. One of the demon with wings was for a friend for a book she was writing. I no longer keep in touch with this person and don't really know if she used it. But the Picture is for sell but only looks as it does in the picture. It was done on Trace paper as well so not a good paper to show it off on. The Fairy with the Satyr (sp) was done for a friend and I want to send it to her hopefully soon. The hand sketching of the person with her head only and hair across face is Jennifer Anderson. The one with background black and the girl is sad is a drawing of a young lady i know and was for her. The fairy one with a large flower behind her is also done for that person. Those that are still for sell are the Jennifer Anderson and Demon lady.

Invader Zim painted on from a picture that daughter gave me. No longer have the shirt.

Not for sell. No longer have shirt. I did this because my daughter and her friend loved this Character. Was easy done as well.

My niece Drawn by me. Not for sell

Tribal drummer woman. Line art colored with computer.

This drawing is colored in by computer from me. I started it off as line art and then colored it in using Gimp.

Model from a magazine.

This one was done from a picture in a Magazine but I can't remember the name of the Magazine I got it from. :/ For sell

My mother drawn by me after she past away in 2004 from a picture I had.

Also not for sell.

My Father Drawn by me from an old picture.(not for sell)

Fairy on Tree mushroom.

This one is sold already or I should say given away. Was drawn for a friend.

Just finished a week ago.

This one is for sell. Price can be worked out in private.

Just updating on how things have been for me. Getting back to drawing.

Hello to all and sorry to be away for so long. I have been really going threw a lot of things. Mental and physical.I will start off with what I found to be news to me. I sat on my couch calm and watching a TV show I do love. Then my heart began to beat strange and my jaw kinda felt tight. I call the 911 line and they sent an Ambulance. They took readings and saw something that could be a possible bad thing. So they took me to the Hospital near by. They took blood. I woke up later and found myself hooked to a red tube alarmed me and I cried out. A nurse came to my side and asked what was the alarm for. I then pointed to the red tube and asked about it. She pointed to the bag it was attached to. That even scared me more. I asked why was I in need of blood. Yes blood. She told me I was low on platelets and my white blood count was low. So they were giving me blood to bring them up. They weren't sure why I needed it besides this. Why was I so low ? Well a month went by and then my tummy hurt so bad I couldn't handle it and took me to the ER again. The Ambulance that is. They did a cat scan on my body to see if I had a blood leakage in my tummy. But instead I ended up having an allergic reaction to the Contrast Dye and they had to stop. They kept me in the ER for about 3 or 4 more hours and went home. The next morning I woke up about 11 am with an itch and felt like crap with my heart beating crazy again and a headache. Found myself looking in the mirror to see a red patch all over my middle body parts. Breast,belly,neck,and even yes on my private area. I called the Doctor that I was to see and he told me to get back to the ER. So back I went. They said it was the worst they had seen but only could help with it in two ways. Either I stayed and had IV placed in and they do the medicine that way or I could go home and get the prescriptions they gave me filled and then take them. So I hate needles and took the pills instead. Well one of them anyways. I took the Benydryl(sp) but not the Steroid. It took a whole 10 days to go away and with it the other things. Headaches and crazy heart beats and also one I got next day was anxieties. Which went away but came back because of my newest problem. I was now at my tummy doctor and he set an appointment for a Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy (sp) He said my tummy didnt look right and was raised right under my ribs and asked how long has it been this way. I wasn't sure. So he set up the appointment to take a look into my tummy. So I was so scared and soon it was time for the procedure. I don't remember but two things during it. They had me out for the whole thing. But woke up while having it all done. The first time was to the nurse telling me to bite down on something. and then back out and then again woke to her telling me to roll over onto my side. Then back out again. ^.^ Afterwards I woke up in recovery with so much gas . haha I was putting out the air they put in me to look in my intestines. ^.^ Burping and the other way.I was feeling good still from the medicine. But in 7 days I would find out that I had a Precancerous pa-lip. They were happy to inform me that it was successfully removed. But he then went on to tell me that I had a large ulcer. (which is why my blood problem happened more than likely he said) Gave me meds to take and a Diet plan to eat and only eat it. ummm yeah that sortof happened. I didnt care much for the foods on the list at all so I kind of ate some. Yes because of that my Ulcer was not healing. So I tried to stay on a soup diet which he was okay with and it felt as though it healed. So I started up my new doctor and got to work on my mental problems that were causing my Ulcer. He did blood work and found out I was a rare factor or something like that. But basically told me that I have a rare disorder that where normal people can make fol-ate my body doesn't and was causing me to have anxieties and all. I have been on Deplin and another med to help me live again. Thats how I say it. I have been able to drive again. I still get scared to drive and I still get anxieties now and then. But nothing like before. I do need to make a new doctor's appointment for tummy doctor and have a new appointment for my Physicist. I still can't watch scary movies in fear of the dreams. I am much happier but still need work. ^.^ I am getting back into my drawing. I found out that I lost my domain name for my website. Made me sad but I will live. I have OCD a bit more so than I ever did. But that comes with my mental problems. It is a work in progress. ^.~ I plan to make this blog spot for my art. Hopefully it will go well and maybe i can make some money. Be patient because I don't draw every day or even bi weekly. I only do it to keep my brain busy. So if there is a drawing you might like to have me do then leave a reply and I will get back to you. Other than that,enjoy the drawings. See one you like? The message me and I will give you the price of it or might place on it how much. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving Day and a soon hectic Christmas. ^.^