Saturday, July 4, 2009

Patty's Helpful Guidance

Hello Everyone I am Patty
Do You have a problem or is there something on your mind? I know I can help so just ask away or comment on something that's troubling you. I can help with just about anything. I have a few books also if you prefer to have your needs met that way. I also know how to set up a Web Site for free and get those Domain names that you need to start a business. Let me help you I will do what I can .

I am seeing so many people mostly teens that have had a problem and no one would stop and help. It hurts to see them in pain and confused. That is why my main reason for making was to help others . If that means focusing on our teens of today then so be it. I have other things that I placed up in my site to make things a little lively. I have a Forum and I also have Art that I have done for others to view and buy. I don't charge an arm and a leg for my things I sell. I am trying to HELP the economy buy not just selling my items low priced I am also helping it by getting the word out there for others to make their own businesses. I can give advice on making a business and where to go . I can even make a Web Site for them for a fee and then turn around and help them understand it when they get it up and running on their own. ^.^ Like I said I am not here to make money off them I am here to help them make money.
That is a goal I have had sice I was a teen. When I was young I had a horse named Baby . She was my baby too. ^.^ But I put her to use. No not to make money but to help children understand about large animals and how to ride one,how to take care of them. That was something that even I hate to say but profitted. The kids would bring her food and snacks . lol I hard was able to feed her cause she was maintained by the kids wanting to help LEARN more. Now I am an adult of course and I had sold my best friend long ago to another child that saved her money . She had 75.00 that she saved for so long to buy her own horse. I was a teen and knew she was going to be better off in a large field and played with a lot. I was fixing to Graduate from high school so I pretty much gave the little girl my horse for the 75.00 . yep I sold her for 75.00 not a lot I know . But remember I taught the girl all I knew and then gave her what she wanted and she kept in touch till I married.
I am hoping that others will get a lot from my "Helpful Guidance" I have been known to even take calls to my home from teens and adults alike. I have my thorey that if I put my words out there someone will need me. Do you need me? I will be around for a long time. Even if that means I set up a lemon-aid stand and become a Peanut character. ^.^

Keep your heart open and your mind even more. Till next I speek Have a great Fourth Of July.