Sunday, October 31, 2010

I started a new Online business and am doing great.

I started about 5 days ago and have been working just like she told me to. Liz gives the best instructions on how to Affiliate Marketing. She says it in a way that I can understand. I am by no mean a wiz on the computer or the internet. I do well, but need help by my son too often. But with her, she tells it in a way that even I can understand. She also says that you can make 400.00 to 500.00 in one week or 5 days. I really have been so scared now about doing anything on the Internet now because I have lost money so many times.
I got to where I had no more money to use to get the things that people would talk about. I even went as far as downloading their PDF files from Google and reading them that way but would fall short because I would need their software to do the jobs the way they taught. With hers She give the info you need for free on a small video form thingy and then she has a PDF file which I couldn't afford. But I went online to one of my little sites on my website that I share to all my friends. I made the money I needed for her software she tells me about and boom I am in business.
I have made a total of 400.+200.=600.00$. I did that in 5 days. I really wish I knew the crafty things on how to record and show you my accounts. But like I said I am by far the most duff headed person on the net. ^.^ I am a country girl mother. So give me a hard paying labored job and I could tell ya anything ya needed to know. ^.^ But the net? nope. Just can send you to her. ^.^ When I working with my product She told me I had to advertise it and how. So I did just as she said. I signed up with a bunch of places and got my name out there. My site now sends me a wow amount of people. I was only getting about 25 top people coming to my site and that was Unique visitors.
But when I did it her way I started getting 100 and more. I was so shocked. Very pleased with my results. ^.^ in one night I was able to get over $100.00. Yes One hundred plus. I am tickled pink. I just wish my Bank would not have done what they did now. Why cause now I have to wait until Monday and then get things resolved and then I hope I don't have to wait until it fixes itself or something. :/ I want to spend some money. ^.^ I have bills so I don't mean I want to splurge. Well not just yet anyways. ^.^ Baby steps as I said. Well I have talked enough about everything so I think I will let that sink in. If you want to know how to do the same thing then come on by my website and find out. ^.~