Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Thanksgiving advice"

Today is Thanksgiving and all is crazy. You need to fined those recipes and take that turkey out. OHH CRAP I FORGOT TO TAKE THE TURKEY OUT ! nooo what do I do?

Well I am here now. If you need me you can find me at my website and I have a forum where I will help you fast and I am right there as if were on a messenger. I can even goes as far as talking to you. I have started my cooking have you? Should you start now? yes now because this way you wont have to wait til the last minute to cook and have things prepped. You'll need to also have your onions and bell peppers cut up and much more. I can help with these things at I will be there til late tonight and I will check in from time to time if need be. But you have to come to me. I am busy cooking and helping other as well.
I love this time of year the smells of things cooking in the house, like the turkey and the ham,cakes,pies,baked beans yams and so much more. I remember when I was a child and we would go over to our Aunt Cormea's house to have Thanksgiving dinner. We sat at the kids table not far from the adult table. We got to help put the silver ware down and plates and glasses. We would run outside and we could smell the cakes outside in the air. My aunt lived in the country and she had a big piece of land she lived on surrounded by pine trees .
We would run and pick things up off the ground and the breeze was soft and cool. But the smells are always what You remember. She once asked us to go get some eggs from out under the chickens for a cake. We loved that cause it was like easter time to us. ^.^ We would run them back in and have to run back and grab a few more because we would drop them while we were running. Then we walk in the house with our faces just red from the coldness and then arms stretched to see who was the fastest to give the eggs they carried to her first. She would reach in her jar of cookies and hand us one.
That smell though as we ran inside was like a truck passing by with the smell of a lot of cakes in it just baked and the back of the truck wide ope for the smell to knock us down. ^.^ Then all the families of families we had would start showing up. Then we kids were to stay outside while the adults talked. Thats fine bye. lol We would play and play and play til we herd those famous words....."You kids come in now time to eat!!" ^.^ I think we just about knocked who ever was yelling that at us down. Some of us would slide to the table and some would almost run the table over . But thats why we got the plastic glasses and forks and plates. The adults werent crazy in our family. Well enough of my jabber I have work to do. "Happy Thanksgiving".

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blooging is it for you?

Yeah sure why not? I do it and love it because I like to chat or type or write as some call it. I keep a journal of day to day things and have since I was a teenager. Blogging is just another word for writing or Journalism. The difference is that your typing instead of writing by hand. Your Jotting down things that pop to mind the only thing is your not keeping those ideas or maybe it's stress locked away for you to stay stressed over. Why do that when you can get others advice or feed back on it and help that stress go away. If your worried about what or how people will look at you don't be.
People are going to criticize you even if you don't because they want to be mean. They have nothing better to do than to belittle someone else that has the guts to put it out for all to see. When I type it's a lot like therapy. I get my feeling out there and off my mind. Then I get feed back and I get my problems resolved with the help of others. Sure your gonna have those mean critics. But don't worry about them. Others will be there more than likely to back you up and help to tell them off.
Plus remember they are behind a computer screen and keys are easier to use than their own mouth. Just be a duck and let it roll off your back. What kinds of people do the blog thing? Well all kinds from the president to a little old lady in a country town. Everyone is doing the blogging thing. Even teens and if our animals could they probably would. ^.^ I know my little puppy would. He would probably talk about his chew toys and how they taste and how he misses them when they get stuck under the couch out of reach. There are people that talk on blogs for their pets. I have seen them all.
Even saw a song writer get noticed just from a blog and putting songs up for others to use for free. I think for free. But I am just a mom of two kids and a loving husband that works while I sit at home and type my fingers off, well I do other stuff also or I wouldn't be a wife I would be homeless. ^.^ Blogging is easy to start doing. Just find something you like talking about and type your heart out.
Me I type at random I have seen. ^.^ Also my typing has a tweak to it cause I just don't care. I talk how I think or feel. I don't hide behind a "perfect world" If I did then I would misleading my viewers. I want people to see me how I am in the real world. I want you to see me as I am. I am a friendly loving person that wants to help you or someone with anything . If I can help then I feel better about myself and think wow I made someone smile in that big world out there.Maybe I will help that sad teen that need someone to talk with and love for they are and not for the grades or being a pretty little thing.
I even have my WebSite up to help teach others how to make one. I don't want to focus on just that in my site. I am a creature of many colors. I can teach about things like How to garden and have the pretty garden on the block. Or how about drawing, I love to draw some much that I have sold many drawing. I have a site I am with that sells my work and I sell it on my site here as well. You can make money even on your blogs. There are tons of different places that have a blog or just Blogging site to join. Go for the gusto and get out there and type talk about your day today.
You can talk about anything that's comes to mind. Just watch your your readers flock in and talk to you. You can also add photos in your entries of what your talking about or videos that you like and see if anyone likes them or advertise something you own in your blog. Something that is what you have created and put a price up and give a history of it then get feed back and go from there. The world is our ouster and we need to open it and get that pearl.

Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start ..."BLOGGING"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

*************"Thanks Giving time is Coming"******************

Hello everyone ^.^
How is everyone's Thanksgiving list of things to do and get and also get done coming? If Your anything like me then your much much to far behind. ^.^ I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. I know you've herd that before, so have I that's why I said it. (hehehe)Well I have my list that has to get done day to day. Here is just one of those list.

1. get turkey and free it til three days before Thanksgiving

2. get yams before they are sold out and also cranberries

3.send out Thanks Giving cards(get at least 200.00 worth and don't forget the stamps) everyone and make sure they are coming

5.get two new small tables for the kids to eat at

6.pick Joycie up at her friend

7.go to resale store and see if they have some table clothes that look autumny

8.while there see if they have a cord for my digital camera (brother took mine)

9.make sure again that you still have the things and the kids haven't eatting anything that you already bought.

This list goes on and on. But that is just a tip of the lists I have for everyday til Thanksgiving. I am running out of time to get some of the things. But why is it this way? The only thing I can think of is because we have to do everything and no one wants to help stay up the night before and help with the cuttings and mixxings and such. I started my son cooking about 5 years ago. Now I am starting my daughter in the kitchen and she is loving it. My son though you would think hates cooking but your wrong he also loves cooking. He doesn't want to be a professional chief or anything. He was taught by me that cooking is a need to because when your out on your own mom isn't always gonna be there.
So he took a mixer in hand and has loved it ever since. But not when it comes to Thanks Giving , or Christmas for that fact. Why? Cause I made him make all the cakes for Christmas one year. ^.^ He was soooo tired that next morning. I do let my kids join in on making some of the traditional things. I let them break up the cornbread for the dressing and cut up things also for it. I let them mash the potatoes for the potato salid. Things like that, but they have to let momma do the rest. If I was to let them do the rest and they messed up a little and put the taste off . I wouldn't hear the last of it from my brothers and sisters. ^.^ I have asked my sister before to help me with the cooking and she did once or twice.
But she doesn't help as much as I wish she would. I have been the Holiday cooker since my mom and Aunt stopped and said "well it's time you girls started doing it now." Which I would say has been for at least well since was 26 and I am 40 now. So you can do the math. But one thing I told everyone in the family is that I will not clean up the kitchen afterward. I didn't care who did it but I wasn't. I am a person that after I am done with something I clean up after myself and wash what dishes have been dirtied. That is why they only have to do what has been dirtied after everyone eats.
One of my brothers has implemented in the mix to buy paper plates and silverware that can be thrown away. That was a way around it . But what about all the dishes full of food? I save containers over the year and put them away for just that. What I do is I split what leftovers I have and divide them into those containers . That way someone can take some home with them. Yes even the 2 Turkeys and 2 hams I make. Yep I said 2 of both. Why that much ? If you only seen how many people end up at my house on Thanks Giving and Christmas to eat. You would understand.
My family alone can eat a lot of the things I make trust me. But last year at Thanksgiving dinner I had people over that I didn't even know. My son's friends and my nephew's friends even my husband has people and my brothers and sisters kids have friends that come with them. I had I know around 20 people parked all around the house waiting for that smell to fill their mouths. I love cooking for my family so don't get me wrong. But this year here at Thanksgiving time. I get a break. I finally get to sit this one out.
My Husband's mother called and asked us to go to his Aunt's for Thanksgiving. One of my brother isn't liking that at all. See he has no one to cook for him. his wife died when he 14 year old son now was a tot of 3. Now he relize on sis to cook and clean for him. Not that I don't like the needed feeling but (((phish))) He needs to find someone to do that for him . Plus he has a son that old enough to learn to cook. But back to my husbands Aunt cooking. I just hope I can handle sitting down on my duff and not doing anything. ^.^
Well I am sure she isn't the one that's cooking . "Why do I say this "your wondering right. Well she wants all family there this year for one main reason and it is pretty darn serous to me. She wants to be with family before something goes wrong and this way everyone can be together. She has cancer and she has already lost all her hair. She is a lovely women. She is in her early 60 I think. But she recently found out she has Breast cancer and will be loosing her breast . They told her that the treatments are working cause it is getting smaller. But it's no guaranty that it is going away totally.
But you have to be positive or the negative will take over. But when I say I will not have to cook, yeah I know and now you see how I am. You know now that I will cook. That is why I am buying things for Thanks Giving still.But I am pretty sure she is having it Catered. That way she will be able to spend every moment with everyone. She might have her daughter do the cooking ,not sure yet. Guess I will see. But for now I will either have things on hold for cooking. But still buying these things and getting things done til then. "Better to be safe than sorry"
Well all I have to get to be soon and I still have a lot of things to do before it's to late. So I say have a great month and" live everyday as if it was your last."